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Job and Internship Search Workshops

Exploring the Vocation of Social Justice Work — January 12 Interviewing Workshop — January 17 Exploring the Vocation of Specialized Ministries — January 19 Exploring Your Vocation — January 24 Job Search Strategies Workshop — January 25 January Internship Reflection Dinner — February 7 Interview Workshop — February 9 January Internship Reflection Dinner — February […]

Important Dates/Events

Interim Experience Classes end — January 27 Touring Week (no classes) — January 28-February 5 Spring tuition/fees due — January 31 Spring Semester Classes begin — February 6 Late Registration Deadline for classes — February 17 Off-campus, 4-person, and triples housing selection — February 13-21 Gustavus Music Showcase at Orchestra Hall — March 12 For […]

Residence Hall Visitation Policy

During Fall 2005, Student Senate proposed a change in the College’s visitation policy. The current policy is to allow opposite gender visitors within student rooms between 7am and 2am every day. Students have proposed to move to a 24 hour open visitation policy for the next academic year, with a final decision to be made […]

Upcoming Music Tours

The year nearly 300 students will participate in music tours with the Gustavus Wind Orchestra, Gustavus Choir, Gustavus Symphony Orchestra, Gustavus Jazz Lab Band, and the Choir of Christ Chapel. The schedule is: The Gustavus Wind Orchestra will tour Eastern Europe Jan. 14-30. The Gustavus Choir will tour Minnesota and Wisconsin Jan. 27-Feb. 11. The […]

Alcohol Education

Students only take one, focused class while they are on campus during January and many organizations do not meet during this month as a number of their members are away from campus. This combination may lead to more free time and some students will choose to consume alcohol at a greater rate. As a College […]

Refer a Gustie

Did you cross paths with an outstanding high school student over the holidays? Please send their names to the Office of Admission at Gustavus to help recruit the next class of Gusties. To send a name, visit Refer a Gustie.

Community Service at Gustavus

The Community Service Center features 16 programs and annually involves 650 student participants. The Center offers many different ways to become involved, featuring different levels of commitment. Volunteers can work with the same child for their tenure at Gustavus, with Gusties Buddies and Big Partners/Little Partners, or volunteer once a week for Great Books, Amigos, […]

Housing Selection Questions

Housing selection for next academic year beings in February, with housing selection for double occupancy rooms, the most prevalent of the options, happening in April and May. The placement of students is completely dependent on priority number. The priority numbers are randomly distributed within each class of students. (For example, current junior students would have […]

The College Rhythm in January

Many students are away from campus for student-teaching, studying abroad, or internships. This may create a sense of loss for students remaining on campus. There is satisfaction and/or disappointment with first-semester grades. Students may feel loneliness for relationships at home or relief to be back at school. Because students take one class during January, some […]