Flu Immunization

Posted on November 1st, 2007 by

Gustavus Health Service will be offering a flu immunization clinic for students on Monday, November 15, 2007 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Heritage Room of Jackson Campus Center. Cost of the vaccination is $20.00 if paid by cash or check OR $25.00 if billed to insurance. The student must bring a copy of the front and back side of the medical insurance card if they wish to have their insurance billed for the immunization. Any amount remaining after payment by the medical insurance company will be billed to the student’s Gustavus account. Gustavus Health Service encourages all students to receive yearly influenza immunization to reduce the health risks associated with respiratory flu, the spread of infection on campus, and the number of missed classes. Students with identified health risks (diabetes, asthma, cardiac conditions) may receive the immunization prior to November 15th by contacting Health Service. Contact Gustavus Health Service at 507-933-7630, if you have any questions.


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