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Upcoming Events/Important Dates

First-year student move-in — August 29 Returning student move-in — September 1 Fall Semester Classes begin — September 2 Family Weekend — October 3-5 For a complete listing of events on campus, go to the College Calendar. Click here for information on other Important Dates and Campus Resources .

Summer Solstice Garden Tour

Join the Friends of Linnaeus Arboretum for a garden tour on Sunday, June 22, from 10:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. The tour will visit the gardens at the August Schell Brewery and Gigi and Scott Rysdall residence in New Ulm and finish at Linnaeus Arboretum on campus. For more information, call the staff of Linnaeus […]

Nobel Conference Registration Available

Gustavus is pleased to announce the six individuals who will give presentations at the 2008 Nobel Conference. The conference, titled “Who Were the First Humans?” is scheduled for Oct. 7-8. This year’s presenters will be Robin I. M. Dunbar, Marcus Feldman, J.Wentzel van Huyssteen, Curtis Marean, Svante Paabo, and Dennis Stanford. Registration is now available […]

Coneflower Prairie Moves Forward

Over the winter the prairie restoration company was selected, a planting scheme has been designed, and a species list has been generated that will produce an ecologically diverse prairie. The 70-acre site for the Coneflower Prairie restoration is just west of the current Linnaeus Arboretum and will be planted in soybeans this summer and seeded […]

Refer a Gustie

Are there outstanding students in your church or neighborhood? Are there sophomores or juniors in high school who are related to you or are friends of your family who you think could be a good fit at Gustavus? Please send their names to the Office of Admission at Gustavus to help recruit the next generation […]

Will you have access to your students’ grades?

Gustavus encourages parents to discuss mutual expectations with regard to academic achievement — including how and when grades will be discussed and shared — with their students. Students can easily provide their Web Adviser user names and PIN numbers, permitting parents to view grades and degree audits at any time. The College may also release […]

Unsubscribing to Parent Newsletter

If your student has graduated from Gustavus and you no longer wish to receive the Staying Connected e-mail newsletter, you are welcome to unsubscribe by submitting your e-mail address in the unsubscribe request at Unsubscribe.

A Sunny Commencement

On a sunny and warm Sunday, June 1, 589 seniors received their bachelor of arts degrees from Gustavus. It was the first commencement ceremony held at the new Hollingsworth Field and the final commencement ceremony with James Peterson serving as president of the College. Associate Professor of Political Science Richard Leitch was presented the 2008 […]