Gustavus’ Career Center Gears Students Up for Summer

Posted on April 19th, 2011 by

Summer is rapidly approaching and students are moving into hyperdrive to get all of their work done, finish up their sports and volunteering, and pack in a few more social activities before that mythical final bell rings in May.  The Career Center is here for any last-minute student needs, right up until the last day of finals.

This time of year is a great one for students to come to our office seeking summer internship information, job search strategies, and résumé or cover letter help.  Summer internships offer a chance for students to gain real-world experience and build their credentials. Summer internships are eligible for academic credit (summer tuition fee applies), see the Career Center for additional details.   Students of all years can come in to learn more about the field that interests them – from recommended education, to daily duties, to salary ranges.  We can also offer a kicking off point for their job search and tips for them as they go along.  Finally, we would love it if all students would start their summer off with an updated résumé and a sample cover letter.  We can meet with students to offer feedback on their résumé entries as well as guide them in the often-difficult process of writing their first cover letter.

Armed with knowledge of their future industry, a polished résumé, and a compelling cover letter, students are sure to have a great summer.  And you’ll be able to breathe easier knowing your student is on the right track.  So help your student push on the brake and fit another appointment into their busy schedules before the days get too much longer and brighter!


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