Parent blog new and improved

Posted on December 5th, 2011 by

After a brief hiatus due to a staff departure, we are pleased to be actively blogging again! Within the next few months, we hope you’ll notice and appreciate some improvements. We will be establishing categories of parent entries so you can filter what types of information you are receiving from us: examples could include Athletics, Fine Arts, First Year Students, Seniors, etc. We’ll also be sharing some regular monthly features like “Parent to Parent,” “Did You Know?”, and “Question of the Month” with the hope that you will comment and share your own stories.

We will likely send out most announcements at the beginning of each month but will make sure to also send timely and specific information of interest to you as it becomes available. If you have suggestions about anything relating to parent communication, please feel free to e-mail Megan B. Ruble, Director of Student Activities (, Shannon Nuy, Institutional Advancement ( or just send a comment!


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