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computerWebAdvisor is being updated to allow students the ability to grant parents and/or others access to some information on WebAdvisor.  Starting January 3, 2013, students will be able to grant parents access to their student account, financial aid awards and other select areas on WebAdvisor.  Students can pick which areas on WebAdvisor parents can view.  Access can only be granted by the  student.  Students already received the information and instructions below regarding this new feature, so contact your student if you’d like to engage in a conversation about the new options.


Beginning January 3rd, students will be able to grant their parents access to view the following WebAdvisor options:

  • Check grades
  • My Class schedule
  • View Transcript
  • Financial Aid Award Letter
  • My Documents (Fin Aid)
  • Student Account Statement
  • View 1098-T Statement.

Access granted will be completely controlled by and at the discretion of the student.  Students can grant as many of the options to their parents as they choose.  Parents will have their own WebAdvisor login (created by the student) and only be able view what the student has selected.  Students are responsible for communicating login information and providing any assistance to their parents.   In compliance with federal privacy laws, parents cannot contact Gustavus directly for student record information.

New options in WebAdvisor:

On the Student WebAdvisor Menu (

Manage parent access to your records

Reset Parent’s WebAdvisor Password


On the new Parent WebAdvisor Menu (

View my student’s information.


What should students do?

  • Decide what access you would like to grant, if any.
  • Use the attached instructions to grant access.
  • Discuss with your parents the access you have granted them and how to use WebAdvisor.


Again, if you have questions, please direct them to your student.



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