Wellbeing Center, “Find Your Flow”

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Greetings from the Wellbeing Center!
This January the Wellbeing Center is offering “Find Your Flow”, an entire month of fresh experiences designed to help students explore life’s big themes and feel their best. From Glowga (yoga in low light with glow sticks!) and a film screening (Fed Up) to community conversations and fitness classes, plus a host of “how to” workshops and drop-in sessions, the Wellbeing Center is offering students get a daily dose of events to look onward, upward, and inward. Encourage your son or daughter to capitalize on this great opportunity!Check out what’s to come from the Wellbeing Center in Spring 2015—and don’t forget to nudge:

Be U Group Coaching
Be U Group Coaching (Be U) is a signature program of the Wellbeing Center that helps participants identify and use personal strengths to achieve their wellbeing vision. Be U groups provide positive, confidential settings to help participants explore what matters most to them. As a group, participants honor each other as the experts in their lives, and believe every person is creative, resourceful, and whole. This strengths-based experience helps participants address topics such as relationship difficulties, adjustment to college, academic concerns, grief and bereavement, stress management, goal setting, decision making, test anxiety, and questions related to career and identity. As a result, Be U fosters a campus culture in which participants care for themselves, and for the growth and development of their peers.
Mindful Leadership
The Mindful Leadership Certificate is a new G.O.L.D. track that offers participants an introduction to “leading from the inside out.” Organizations like Google, Harvard Business School, the World Economic, and the Seattle Seahawks embrace mindful leadership training as fitness for the mind that is focused on four fundamental elements: clarity, focus, creativity, and compassion. Through this series of classes, students enhance mental clarity; develop a more agile mindset; reduce stress responses; develop greater self-awareness; and enhance emotional intelligence, regulation, and mastery. The Mindful Leadership Certificate will be awarded upon completion of seven of the classes. Take time for yourself and explore what is important to you with others in an interactive and confidential setting.

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