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The Federal Government has updated the security requirements for all their sites which includes fafsa.gov and studentloans.gov.  The sign on using your SSN, DOB, name and PIN has been replaced with a FSA ID–user name and password.  The next time you log onto one of these sites you will be required to create a FSA ID.  It will take 1-3 days to confirm this new log on.  Your parent who signs the FAFSA will also have to create a new FSA ID to access and sign the FAFSA.  Seniors needing to complete Direct Loan exit counseling will also need to create a FSA ID.

Attached you will find a brochure from the US Department of Education explaining this process.  We have had several calls recently regarding this change and want you all to be aware of the new process.

See the How-To .pdf below or contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions!



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