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College Rhythm in November

Staying healthy can be a challenge for college students, especially during November. The first round of colds and flu hitting campus, the emotional stress of mid-term exams/grades, and irregular sleep and eating schedules all converge. Student schedules are full with academic and extra-curricular activities, including many exams and papers that will be due before Thanksgiving. […]

Dates and Deadlines: The Next 60 Days

November 2-5:  January Interim Experience (IEX) course registration November 13:  Fall Semester course withdrawal deadline November 8-19:  Spring Semester class registration November 25-29:  Thanksgiving Recess (residence halls closed) November 29:  Halls re-open from Thanksgiving Recess at noon December 4-6: Christmas in Christ Chapel December 13:  Festival of St. Lucia December 15: Final Class Day December 16: […]

Midterm Grades

Midterm grades were posted on WebAdvisor on October 28. These grades are viewable by your student. You should speak with your student about whether or not he or she is willing to share them with you. Midterm grades are a way for your student to have a general understanding of where they are in each […]

Choosing Classes

November is the time students select classes for January Term and Spring Semester.  Students prepare in advance for their meetings with their advisors by reviewing their degree audits which show them their progress toward their degrees, major and general education requirements yet to be met, and total number of courses completed so far.  This review […]

Travel Plans for the End of the Semester

Before you schedule flights or make vacation plans for College breaks, please make sure your student knows details regarding class expectations, final exam schedules, residence hall closing information, transportation, and travel time to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.  To allow students to travel, Gustavus does not hold classes the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Residence halls are closed […]