Fall Semester Billing Information

Posted on August 16th, 2017 by

A reminder from the student accounts office: fall semester payments are due on August 31.  Fee statements were mailed to the billing address of all students on record in late July for fall semester.  After the initial semester billing, all monthly statements will be delivered electronically through WebAdvisor. Students will receive an email each time a new billing statement is available.

Please contact the Financial Aid/Student Accounts office if you desire to set up a payment plan or have any questions about bills, tuition, scholarships, etc.  Many commonly asked questions are answered on their website.

The Student Account Center is now live. Students can view their student account, make payments, and sign up for payment plans. Students can give parents access to this site to view info. Check it out. View YouTube Video about the Student Account Center. For more information view informational PDF.

Students are able to grant their parents access to view the following WebAdvisor options: check grades, view transcript, financial aid, student account statement, and class schedule. You need to discuss this with your student since they have to complete a section in their WebAdvisor portal to allow this access. Once you have been given access, go to http://gustavus.edu/go/webadvisor/parents and click on “View My Student’s Information.” Paper bills go to the student’s home address on record only twice per year: July and December.

Looking ahead:

Spring fee statement mailed to billing address:  late December

Spring Semester Payment due: January 31

Fall 2018 Registration Deposit $500.00 due (Returning Students): March 31


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