Greeks at Gustavus

Posted on October 1st, 2004 by

The annual fall rush for the social fraternities and sororities was canceled last week, four days before its scheduled completion, by Dean of Students Hank Toutain after consulting with Greek leadership. The safety of Gustavus students was being placed at risk by fraternity and sorority practices associated with rush, which were not restricted to one group. Greek leaders will continue to work to ensure that rush can occur in a way that maintains positive traditions, while not putting any students at risk or subject to hazing. The nearly 200 active members, plus the 125 new pledges, will remain busy during the year performing community service, educational programs, and planning their own social events. The 11 Greek organizations include the Alphs, Eppies, Greys, OKs, Reds, and Kappas for men and ChiKaps, Deltas, Thetas, TMs, and a national sorority, Tri Sigmas, for women.


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