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Housing and Choosing a Roommate

Housing selection for next academic year begins in February, with housing selection for double occupancy rooms, the most prevalent of the options, happening in April. The placement of students is completely dependent on priority number. The priority numbers are randomly distributed within each class of students. (For example, current junior students would have higher priority […]

Job and Internship Search Workshops

Jan. 11 – Writing Resumes and Cover Letters Workshop Jan. 12 – Writing Resumes and Cover Letters Workshop Jan. 18 – Successful Interviewing Workshop Jan. 26 – Successful Interviewing Workshop Jan. 28 – Last day of registration for the Minnesota Private Colleges’ Job and Internship Fair Feb. 9 – Preparing for the Job and Internship […]

Upcoming Events

January Term ends – Jan. 28 Touring Week Break – Jan. 29-Feb. 6 Spring tuition/fees due – Jan. 31 Spring Semester begins – Feb. 7 Spring Break – March 25-April 3 For a complete listing of events on campus go to the College Calendar. Click here for information on other Important Dates and Campus Resources […]

Music Ensemble Touring Schedules

During the year students involved in music are frequently performing in the community and around the country or the world. This may range from the flute choir performing during a church service in the Twin Cities to an extensive tour by a major ensemble. During January and February the Gustavus Choir will be traveling to […]

Alcohol – One Student’s Perspective

It is important to have an open and honest conversation with your student regarding alcohol. The use and misuse of alcohol by college students continues to be a concern for Gustavus staff and parents. Conversations about alcohol choices can be difficult and awkward, but it is crucial for parents to discuss these issues given the […]

Athletics at Gustavus – competitive and recreational

January is a busy month at the Gustavus athletic complex, Lund Center. The cardiovascular area with 10 treadmills and 25 other exercise machines is usually full. Recreational games are scheduled to 11:00 p.m. In fact throughout the year, 75% of student participate in more than 30 intramural and 11 club sports. Winter sports teams are […]

January Term

Forty years ago, Gustavus reconfigured the academic schedule to have fall semester, January Term, and spring semester. The month of January was set aside as a time of experiential learning and deeper exploration into a single topic. January Term continues to be a time for Gustavus students to focus on one course either on campus […]