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Immunization Recommendations

As a result of the outbreaks of mumps and pertussis (whooping cough) in the United States over the past year, several national organizations have made changes in their recommendations regarding mumps and pertussis immunizations for college students. Transmission of these two diseases has been widespread in college-age students (18-24 year olds) for many reasons. Consistent […]

Changes to Health Insurance Billing

In the past, students either paid cash or billed their college accounts for charges incurred during visits to the Health Service, and we provided them with fee statements to submit to their own health insurance companies. Effective this fall, Health Service will bill your student’s health insurance company directly. Any remaining charges will be the […]


The Gustavus Orientation program is September 2-5 and is focused on helping new students with the transition to Gustavus and establishing a sense of belonging in this community. Check the orientation website, Orientation for more information.