Razzle Dazzle*A Royal Affair Seeks Special Auction Items

Posted on June 1st, 2007 by

Do you have a special interest that could become an auction item in the biennial fundraiser for the Gustavus library? Could you host a small group or a family for a fun, interesting outing? A Royal Affair’s auction is a wonderful place for you to volunteer your special interests or connections as a unique event for folks to bid on. Maybe you could host A Day at the Farm, or Lunch with a Celebrity (musician, author, politician), or A Behind-the-Scenes Tour (at a theater, a museum, a concert venue, a sporting event). How about A Shadow Day, where a youngster could follow you or someone you know for a working day to learn from another’s expertise about science, fashion, performance, research, gardening, or any number of fascinating career options? How about an afternoon of horseback riding, kayaking, bike-riding, or antiquing in the Minnesota countryside? The possibilities are endless … And you Gustie parents, with your creativity and generosity, could be just the people to provide an event for auction that would stimulate some enthusiastic bidding. If a great idea strikes you, please give a call to one of our event chairpersons: Nacia Dahl (952/808-3212) or Susan Wilcox (952/944-5972). We welcome your involvement!


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