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Posted on July 10th, 2012 by


What advice would you give to parents of incoming students regarding the last weeks at home, move-in day, and/or the first month of College? What do you wish you had known? Click on the header of this post to be brought right to the comment page. The answers will be referenced in next month’s blog which will go out to all parents of new students in addition to those of returning students. One commenter will be chosen at random to receive a copy of our Book of the Month, the 2012 Reading in Common: The Other Wes Moore.



  1. Carolyn Schroeder says:

    1. On move-in day there are tons of football students available to carry heavy beds, shelving, etc. up
    stairs. Use them! Then give a donation to the team. Arrive early rather than mid-morning!

    2. Help your freshman be as independent as possible the summer before college. When GAC
    recommends that your student make his/her own haircut, dr., etc. appointments, they are
    right. Stop waking your student up in the mornings. He/she will HAVE to do it all alone come September.
    Wean him/her/yourself now.

    3. Expect to miss your child, esp. your firstborn. It’s a monumental transition for everyone.

    4. Ask your student to call you first when he/she is ready. Don’t make the first call yourself.

    5. Try really, really hard not to be a helicopter parent. You don’t do your student any favors in the long

  2. Sara Massaro says:

    Remember that your college student is engaged constantly throughout their busy day/night, academically, socially, or taking care of themself. I encourage using email versus texting for non-urgent communication out of respect to minimize interruptions. And always remember that a text saying “thinking of you” is always welcome by everyone, anytime.