Midterm Grades

Posted on November 13th, 2012 by

Midterm grades were posted on WebAdvisor on October 24. These grades are viewable by your student. You should speak with your student about whether or not he or she is willing to share them with you. Midterm grades are a way for your student to have a general understanding of where they are in each class. The grades can still change in most classes. The grades should encourage your student to continue what they are doing, or adjust their study habits. There are many resources on campus to help your student. For example, if he or she struggles with writing, encourage him or her to go to the Writing Center.  Also, tutoring services are offered in almost all disciplines.  Both services are offered in multiple locations for convenience.  The first semester of college can be an adjustment for many students; your student’s midterm grades might not be what they are used to from high school. This is a normal feeling, and will eventually pass as they become used to college-level academics.



  1. Robyn Chargo says:

    What is an “S” grade? I’ve searched and searched on the website and can’t figure out what that means.

  2. Megan B. Ruble says:

    This is a great question. “S” stands for Satisfactory and is used in certain instances by faculty members to indicate a student is making satisfactory progress in the course. A student could also see a “U” for Unsatisfactory. Most often this is given when, for example, a course has not yet had enough percentage of material turned in at the halfway point to determine an actual letter grade. If a student desires more specific feedback about their performance in that course he or she can ask the professor directly. Other non-traditional letters which may appear would be “P” for Pass in a course that is pre-designated as a pass-or-fail course.