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Care Packages - Mail From home

Final exams will be here soon. The Gustavus track and field team is offering you a chance to let your son or daughter know that you support them during the stressful finals time. For the 28th consecutive year, we will deliver “Survival Kits” during finals week. The proceeds from this fundraiser help finance the team’s travel and equipment needs for the 2014 season.

The traditional kit consists of crackers, fruit snacks, candies, chips, popcorn, granola bars, cookies, and other “college comfort” foods.  We are excited to offer the “Aihu Wellness Pak” (Purifying Salt Glow, Le Crème moisturizer, Anti-stress shampoo shower gel, Anti-stress crème rinse and Anti-stress therapeutic gel), again this year as a healthy alternative to the traditional kit.

The kits will be delivered starting Sunday, May 18th, so please go online to place your order immediately. 

 All care packages will be delivered to the rooms of on campus residents and for off campus residents it will be delivered to their P.O. Box during finals week.

If you have any questions, please contact Head Coach Dale Bahr at 507-933-7657 or e-mail dbahr@gustavus.edu. We guarantee delivery to your son or daughter during the week of May 18th or you will receive your money back.   Please note: the picture in the post does not represent the actual care package.



**NOTICE:  Some parents recently received an email from CarePackages.com, On Campus Marketing LLC regarding ordering a care package for your son or daughter.  They worked with a Gustavus student organization a few years ago and are continuing to contact Gustavus parents, although they are not currently sponsored by or affiliated with Gustavus (and none of the money raised goes to Gustavus).  If you desire a care package for your student, we encourage you to support Gustavus and the Track and Field team by taking advantage of the offer above.


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