Advice from the Gustavus Career Development Office

Posted on May 10th, 2016 by

GustavusThere’s no doubt about it – regardless if your student is looking to fill their summer months or seeking a permanent position after graduation – it’s a difficult time to nail down a job or internship.  Without a job on the horizon, many students may spend their hours staring at a computer screen trolling for job openings.  While this is certainly beneficial (and necessary) in doses, it can be an activity filled with despair if breaks are not enforced.  Thankfully your student can pull him or herself out of a slump and build their résumé this summer without a job or internship!

Encourage your student to join new activities and they will reap the benefits.  Not only will they feel involved and busy, but future employers will be impressed with their productive use of down time.  Students can volunteer at a nonprofit (or better yet, run a project at a nonprofit), coach a kids sports team, give a speech a week to local organizations, begin to learn a foreign language, begin a book for self-publication, train for a marathon, or write a blog about the industry that interests them.

All of these demonstrate initiative, perseverance, and leadership on a résumé.  So help your student keep their chin up during this potentially rough time and prepare for a great future.


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