Housing Process for Returning Gusties is LIVE!

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If your Gustie is currently a first year, sophomore, or junior, they received an email with information about next year’s housing selection! Housing selection takes place throughout the spring as Gusties get their living arrangement situated for 2019-2020. We’ve included the information from the email below, so encourage your Gustie to follow all of the important steps so they have an opportunity to try to select their desired housing for next year! Encourage your Gustie to take the initiative on this process so they are fully informed and ready to go when selection begins. More information is available on Residential Life’s Room Selection website.

In order to participate in the Housing Selection process for the 2019-2020 academic year, students must:

  1. Submit a Housing Agreement and Room-Type application in the new housing portal

  2. Pay the student deposit ($500 Fall registration deposit. This is NOT a housing deposit – it’s the deposit that declares an intent to return to Gustavus and allows your Gustie to register for Fall 2019 courses)

  3. Complete the roommate matching module through the online housing portal

Step 1 – Housing Agreement/Applications – Available now! Deadline: Thursday, March 28th

You can access the Housing Agreement and Room-Type applications (including the off-campus application) via the online Housing Portal: housing.gac.edu. If this is not submitted, you will not be eligible for roommate matching!

Step 1.5 – Special Housing Applications (earlier deadlines)

  • Deadline March 8: ILS Applications are available online at gustavus.edu/reslife/CoreValueHouses, one application will be submitted per group. See separate information about the ILS housing application and selection process.
  • Deadline March 10: Housing Applications for CHOICE and International Center should be completed in the Housing Portal.

Step 2 – Student deposit – Deadline: Friday, March 29th

Your Gustie must pay the Fall 2019 Registration deposit ($500) in order to be eligible for Room Selection. If the deposit is not paid, they will not receive a room selection time slot and will not be able to select a room for next year. Note this is not a housing deposit, but is required to participate in the housing selection process. Please contact the Student Accounts office if you need more information about paying the deposit.

Step 3 – Assemble Group and Roommate Matching – Deadline: Monday, April 8th

After submitting the Housing Application, students should log into Housing Portal, go to Room Selection, and choose Roommates/Suitemates and assemble in groups depending on desired housing type. Students will only be able to search for roommates who have submitted for the same housing type.

The roommate matching process will end on April 8th. This means that all roommate pairs or groups are final on this date and can proceed to the next step of the room selection process. Don’t wait to match – your Gustie should start talking to friends/peers about next year and go to the housing portal to request roommates.

Note: during room selection, groups that do not meet the specific room’s required group size will not be able to select spaces they cannot fully fill, so – for example – a group of three will not be able to select a four-person unit. There is time built into the room selection process to allow for re-matching if there are no longer units available that match the grouping by the time of the first scheduled time slot.

Step 4 – Gusties make their plans!

Review all the housing options for your roommate groups (four, three, or two-person units) and choose a first choice, second choice, third choice. Be realistic in your planning — four-person apartments and triples will be selected on the first day of room selection primarily by rising Seniors, those who will be Sophomores next year should research your options for doubles.

  • 80% of current second-year students live in either Complex, Uhler, or Rundstrom

  • 43% of current third-year students live in either Rundstrom or Uhler

  • 81% of the senior class lives in either Southwest, Chapel View, College View, or Arbor View

You can view photos and detailed floor plans on the Residential Life web page: https://gustavus.edu/reslife/residences/.

Step 5 – Receive a room selection time slot

Your Gustie will receive a selection time at least one day before the housing type you are trying to select. Anyone in your roommate group can make the housing selection at that time – make sure one member of the group is available and has the list of choices. Your Gustie will have a four-minute window to make a room selection before the next group is able to select as well. The selection portal will be accessible 5pm-10pm and the assigned selection time will be within those hours on the day of selection.

Step 6 – Room/Apartment Selection

All students who have submitted a housing agreement, specific room-type housing application, have paid their deposit, and selected their roommate groups will be assigned a room selection date and time (generated based on a range per class year, with rising Seniors being the highest).

The individual or roommate group will be assigned a time slot at least one day before the room selection for the type of housing that they applied to select. If all available housing units of that type get filled, they will receive a new time slot for the next housing type selection process with time to regroup their roommate pairings.

As a reminder, your Gustie’s room/apartment selection time will be posted in the Housing Portal (housing.gac.edu). At their allotted time (between 5pm-10pm), your Gustie (or any one of the paired roommates) will have four minutes to select a room/apartment for their group until the next time slot opens. They must fill the entire room/apartment at this time. Groups that do not meet the required group size will not be able to select spaces they cannot fully fill.

Please visit gustavus.edu/reslife/roomselection for the most updated information about the room selection process and timeline.

If your Gustie has questions, have them contact the Residential Life office – in person Johnson Student Union 209, via e-mail at reslife@gustavus.edu, or by phone at 507-933-7529.

Residential Life will have Room Selection office hours every Tuesday 3-4pm in the Residential Life office, so students can stop by to speak with Assistant Director of Residential Life, Danny Sandberg, who is responsible for housing operations and room assignments.


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