First-Year Student Immersions

Posted on July 1st, 2005 by

Pre-orientation immersion programs are becoming more common at colleges and universities. They give participants a chance to come to campus early, start building a core group of friends, and ease the transition to college. Gustavus has two pre-orientation immersion programs, one to the Boundary Waters and one on service and justice in the Twin Cities.
Service and Justice Immersion
Gustavus’ “Service and Justice Immersion,” challenges participants to begin the task of critically reflecting on their values and actions in the world as they try to negotiate the streets from the perspective of a homeless person; or see first-hand the neighborhood-to-neighborhood socioeconomic differences in one small stretch of Lake Street in Minneapolis; or hear the stories of immigrants and refugees. For more information about this program click on Immersion.
Wilderness Immersion
The Wilderness Immersion is designed to provide new Gustavus students with a unique opportunity to foster personal growth through the natural challenges of exploring the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Gustavus faculty and administrators facilitate intentional conversations about the transitions to college.


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