Travel Plans for the End of the Semester

Posted on November 7th, 2017 by

Before you schedule flights or make vacation plans for College breaks, please make sure your student knows details regarding class expectations, final exam schedules, residence hall closing information, transportation, and travel time to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. To allow students to travel, Gustavus does not hold classes the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Residence halls are closed during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break periods. For winter break travel plans please consult your student’s final exam schedule. Please note that faculty are not required to arrange alternate exam times to accommodate a student’s travel plans and travel should be planned around course expectations.

For travel to and from the airport or just to the Twin Cities metropolitan area (Hawthorne in Minneapolis), students may purchase discount tickets for Mankato Land to Air at the Information Desk on campus. Land to Air provides multiple trips to and from St. Peter daily. To qualify for a Gustavus discount the tickets must be purchased on campus, not directly through Land to Air.


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