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Explaining the Lingo

Does your student use Gustavus terms or abbreviations that you do not understand?  Do you ever wonder which office handles a certain service?  Definitions of many common Gustavus terms and a quick guide to describing the offices and services frequently used by parents and students may be found online.

The Gustavus Rhythm of February

February is the beginning of spring semester.  Many students are optimistic about a new start and enjoy reuniting with friends who were away for January Term or fall.  Later in the month, students may feel sad or depressed due to the winter weather or as the academic work starts to accumulate.  In the spring, sophomores […]

The College Rhythm in January

Many students are away from campus for student-teaching, studying abroad, or internships. This may create a sense of loss for students remaining on campus. There is satisfaction and/or disappointment with first-semester grades. Students may feel loneliness for relationships at home or relief to be back at school.  Because students take one class during January, some […]

Don’t Meet the Parents!

It may be every teenager’s worst nightmare- your parent showing up in the middle of school to complete some unimaginably embarrassing task or bring you some cruelly humiliating object.  What could be worse than that, your past teenage self may ask?  Well, try having it happen at a job interview.  As Dan Finnigan puts it […]

Alcohol Education

Students take only one focused class while they are on campus during January, and many organizations do not meet during this month as a number of their members are away from campus. This combination may lead to more free time, and some students will choose to consume alcohol at a greater rate. As a College, we continue […]

The College Rhythm in November

Staying healthy can be a challenge for college students, especially during November. The first round of colds and flu hitting campus, the emotional stress of mid-term exams/grades, and irregular sleep and eating schedules all converge. Student schedules are full with academic and extra-curricular activities, including many exams and papers that will be due before Thanksgiving. […]

The College Rhythm in October

Following are some typical experiences and emotions for students during October:  The academic course load is in full gear; roommate problems begin to arise; students question: “Do I fit in here?”; first tests/papers returned; midterm exams; love relationships from home remain strong; seniors are starting the job interview or graduate school process; and positive or […]

Getting Involved at Gustavus

Numerous opportunities are available for students to get involved on campus. If students say they are bored or not feeling connected, they may need to take more initiative to engage in the many events and the more than 100 recognized organizations, more than 30 theatre, arts, and music organizations, and 40 intramural and club sports […]

Choosing a Major

One of the first steps toward graduation for students is choosing a major.  With 60 majors and 15 pre-professional programs to choose from, it is very common for students to switch majors or add a minor.  Approximately 25% of students have more than one major, although this is not necessary.  For more information on the […]

Gustavus Student Academic Success

October is a busy academic time for students.  Gustavus provides many resources to help students succeed, including personal meetings with academic advisers, tips for studying, and a writing center for assistance with papers.  Find more information online on visit the Academic Advising Center, study tips or the Writing Center.