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The Gustavus Rhythm of February

February is the beginning of spring semester.  Many students are optimistic about a new start and enjoy reuniting with friends who were away for January Term or fall.  Later in the month, students may feel sad or depressed due to the winter weather or as the academic work starts to accumulate.  In the spring, sophomores […]

Student Involvement

There are numerous opportunities for students to get involved. If students say they are bored, they may need to take more initiative to engage in the variety of events and organizations on campus. An Involvement Fair will be held in the Jackson Campus Center on Feb. 15 for students to learn about different campus organizations.  […]

Getting A Job: Resources for Gusties

The Career Center provides numerous resources for job searching, but it is ultimately up to each student to actively determine his or her future. It is never too early for students to be thinking about their futures or careers. First-year students and sophomores should already be writing resumes. Internships and career mentors are helpful for […]

Gustavus Internships

Internships and Career Explorations are fantastic opportunities to learn new skills and apply academic knowledge in a “real-world” work environment. An added bonus is the academic credit you can receive for your work. These experiences are so valuable that over half of Gusties will do at least one during their time on the hill! Finally, […]

Gustavus Health Professions

The Career Center hosts a Health Professions Fair each year. The fair is designed to showcase a variety of career and academic opportunities in the health professions, science and related businesses to Gustavus students.  Students interested in any health profession (Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-PT/OT, etc) are encouraged to attend.  The fair will be on […]

The College Rhythm in January

Many students are away from campus for student-teaching, studying abroad, or internships. This may create a sense of loss for students remaining on campus. There is satisfaction and/or disappointment with first-semester grades. Students may feel loneliness for relationships at home or relief to be back at school.  Because students take one class during January, some […]

Housing Selection Questions

Housing selection for next academic year begins in February, with housing selection for double occupancy rooms, the most prevalent of the options, happening in April and May. The placement of students is dependent on priority number. The priority numbers are randomly distributed within each class of students.  (For example, current junior students would have higher […]

Don’t Meet the Parents!

It may be every teenager’s worst nightmare- your parent showing up in the middle of school to complete some unimaginably embarrassing task or bring you some cruelly humiliating object.  What could be worse than that, your past teenage self may ask?  Well, try having it happen at a job interview.  As Dan Finnigan puts it […]

Alcohol Education

Students take only one focused class while they are on campus during January, and many organizations do not meet during this month as a number of their members are away from campus. This combination may lead to more free time, and some students will choose to consume alcohol at a greater rate. As a College, we continue […]

Career Center Job Prep Party

The Gustavus Career Center invites parents and alumni to share their career and job search knowledge and advice with Gustavus students preparing to attend the MN Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair at the Job Fair Prep Party (formerly known as the Gustavus Career Connections Reception), on Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011, 6:30–8:30 p.m. in the […]